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When I shared my vision of putting up a website in honor of Hazrat Abbas (as) Maulana Munawar Abbas Kumaili sb who was our Ziyarat guide during Arbaeen 2019 and has since then been an immense inspiration with his daily updates in Rajab, Shaban, Ramadan and continues to do so on a regular basis, he was thrilled and agreed to do a series of video recordings to support my initiative... 

And as for those who strive in Our path — We will surely guide them in Our ways. And Indeed, Allah is with those who are of service to others. (Al Quran 29:70)

Deep gratitude to Maulana Munawar Abbas Kumaili sb

We have estimated that there will be around 50-60 videos to cover the important aspects of Maula Abbas'(as) life.

This site is work in progress so please do listen to the ones we have uploaded on our youtube channel - Hazrat Abbas. Please do "like" them and subscribe to the channel too. Your support will encourage an enthusiastic lover of Ahle Bayt to continue coming up with more ideas to serve humanity through the message of all that we hold dearest to us in terms of our faith. 

Hayyat Abul Fazil Abbas (a.s.)


Part 1

In this video Maulana Munawar Abbas Kumaili discusses the historical events that precluded the birth of Hazrat Abbas ( a.s.), the importance of lineages among the Kafilas of the region and highlights the respectful relationship Maula Ali (a.s.) had with his elder brother Hazrat Aqil ibn Abu Talib while taking counsel from his elder brother to help him select a bride who would father a brave son


Part 2

Hear the mesmerising details of the lineage of Hazrat Abbas (as) and the importance of taking counsel and advice from others before making decisions


Part 3

The lineage from Hazrat Adnan… the virtues of Janabe Hashim


Part 4

The lineage continues to the life of Abd-ul-Muttalib and goes on to illustrate the personality of Hazrat Abu Talib


Part 5

The personality of Abul Talib continues and the discussion moves to the Blessed Father of Hazrat Abbas (as) Maula Ali(as)


Part 6

The influence of Paternal uncles in the lineage of Hazrat Abbas( as) .. Hazrat Hamza, Hazrat Jaffar and Janabe Talib


Part 7

The Character of Janabe Aqil .. The letter written by Janabe Aqil to Maula Ali(as)… The stature of Fatema Bint Asad (as)


Part 8

Maula Alis( as) reply to Janabe Aqils letter as mentioned in Part 7.. the role, character and stature of Janabe Aqil continues upto the descendants of Janabe Aqil… The magnificence of Janabe Jafar-e-Taiyyar

InshaAllah we will be uploading 2-3 videos every week... Do like, share and subscribe... 

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