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There are two traditions detailing the date of Birth of Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) 7th Rajab or 4th Shaban 26 AH.

The second tradition seems to more popular among historians, so let us go by the second tradition. Though both Rajab and Shaban are among the most pious months of the Islamic Calendar. Ironical as it may sound, though there are no Shahadats in the month of Shaban, we observe great grieving for all the Wiladats in Shaban

1st Shaban – Bibi Zainab (as)

3rd Shaban – Imam Hussain(as)

4th Shaban – Hazrat Abbas (as)

5th Shabab – Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen(as)

11th Shaban – Hazrat Ali Akbar ( as)

15th Shaban – Imam Mahdi (atfs) whose reappearance we await and pray for

Let us for a moment look at the way Hazrat Abbas’(as) birthday has been, in my opinion, divinely decided… it could have been on any day of the Islamic Calendar, it could have been in any month, it could have coincided with any other significant occurrence in Islamic History,,, but to be ordained to almost be like a bridge between the third and fourth Imam’s, to carry the mantle for one Imam and to the next Imam, serving and protecting with selflessness , in my opinion, could only be done by someone whom Imam Ali (as) had named the lion, whom other lions fear and escape from.

Maula Ali(as) was the lion of Allah(swt) and Hazrat Abbas(as) was the lion of Maula Ali(as)

When Maula Ali(as) got the news of the birth of Hazrat Abbas(as) he bent down in prostration to thank Allah (swt) and then hurried to pick up the new born… He kissed the new born and recited the Azaan in the newborns right ear and the Iqama in the left ear….

Allahu Akbar, La Illah illa Allah… found a deep inner meaning in Hazrat Abbas(as) and shaped the significant elements of his personality.

Historians report that Imam Hussain(as) was also very eager to hold his brother and the first face that Hazrat Abbas(as) saw when he opened his eyes was that of his Imam….

Bibi Zaynab(as) had been carrying a wasiyat of Janabe Fatema Zehra S.A and she was very eager to carry her new born brother.. As soon as she took her brother in her arms, she whispered something in his ears… When she was asked what she was saying, she replied, “ I am only conveying the salutation of my holy mother”

Janabe Fatema Zehra S.A., had before her departure from this world, told her daughter.. “O’ Zainab when your brother is born, don’t forget to send my Salaam to my son Abbas”

Umm-ul-Banin, had great love for her son, and did her best to protect him from evil and the people who could envy him…

Being a poet she composed the following verse :

I seek the guard of the One( God) for him

From the eye of the every envious

Including the rising one those who sit

The Muslims and the unbelievers

The comers and goers

And sons and fathers

- Al Munammaq fi Akbari Quraish, 437

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