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Khutba of Hazrat Abbas ( as) in Mecca


`All praise is for the Almighty Allah Who honoured this house (Holy Ka’ba) because of his (Imam Husain’s) father and set it as the Qibla of the Muslims which till then was only a house.

O evil creatures and infidels, you close the way of this house for the pious and holy Imam!? You close the way upon one who is more worthy and nearer to this house than anyone else!

If it was not for the Will of the Almighty Allah, the Divine mystery and the Divine test, then surely, the house (of Allah) would have moved towards the Imam while the people touching the Hajr al-Aswad (the black stone).

The Hajr al-Aswad (the black stone) would have gone towards him for touching his blessed hands.

If my master’s (Imam Husain’s) will was not in conformity with the Will of Allah, I would have attacked you like an angry eagle attacking a sparrow in the air and would have sacrificed my life for my pious leader.

Do you threaten brave men who were not fearful of death even at childhood and considered it a sport? Never.

Ponder and see who is the one who drinks intoxicants (Yazid) and who is the owner of Kauser (drinking pond in heaven) [Imam Husain]?

Ponder and see in whose house drinking of alcohol and dancing by women in vogue (Yazid) and in whose house is witnessed revelation of the holy Qur’an? (Imam Husyan’s (A.S.)

Ponder and see in whose house is corruption and evil (Yazid) and in whose house is found cleanliness and verses of the Holy Qur’an! (Imam Husain)

You are heading towards the same wrong way the Quraish went.

They planned to kill the Prophet (S.A.W.) and you too plan to kill his grandson. As they couldn’t do anything to him (Imam Husain) during Amir-ul-Muminin’s era, you too cannot implement your scheme against Imam Husain (A.S.) till the time I am alive.

Know that you cannot succeed in your evil intention unless you kill me first! I hope you will not achieve your evil aim and may the wrath of Almighty Allah be on you, your forefathers and sons forever.”

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Khutba of Hazrat Abbas ( as) on Ashura


Those who die for God live forever; those who fight against God perish forever.

Blessed are those who sacrifice their lives for the pleasure of God.

Rest assured that you can never succeed in misleading and misguiding me.

You are aware of my connection with the Prophet. A son of Ali, the Lion of God, can neither tremble nor retreat.

He can never submit to evil forces. He can never be afraid of any enemy however strong and powerful he may be.

Remember that the secret of a man's greatness lies in his unshakeable faith in God. He should always be grateful to the Almighty God in whatever circumstances he may be; God's ways are inscrutable. Whatever He does is always the best.

 I am not in the least displeased with my fate. I am fully conscious of whatever lies in store for me. I can never weep over the loss of this world and try to escape death when it comes to me I will rather welcome Death if it comes to me in the way of God.

 I shall submit to Death cheerfully, joyfully and happily, for Paradise Is a much happier abode than this world. This world is not a place worth living. Fortunate is he who dies for Islam.”

 Hazrat Abbas (AS) on the day of Ashura.

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